Meet Henry 

Henry is a full golden retriever and We got Henry at 7 weeks old from a really good friend of ours in rural areas of Ruawai. He was born on 10 june 2018, he was from a litter of 8 boys (no girls) and when me and my partner went to pick him up to bring him home we were shown in his vet booklet that he was 1kg more than the rest of his brothers so you can say he is a real lover for any food and still is!  

Henry loves to play fetch, he could easily play fetch all day and he also loves a tug a war game too with his parents. Henry and lilly (see below) basically grew up together and they love to go hunting and swimming in the pond together, they have a very strong bond together i have watched grow since they have been together. Henry is also a soft and gentle guy when he wants to be, he loves a good cuddle before bed.  

Meet Lilly 

Lilly is a full golden retriever and we got lilly at 8 weeks old off a breeder in Auckland, lilly was born on the 20 august 2018. As i said above lilly and henry have a very strong bond together, lilly loves to go hunting! ( fact ; golden retriever are bird dogs ) she has a very strong nose and eyes, shes love to play in the water, have a good game of tug a war too. 

Lilly is a very loyal, protective and affectionate fluff ball ! she will do anything for cuddles, lilly loves her soft and squeaky toys. 

Meet Posie 

Posie is a full golden retriever and we got posie at 8 weeks old off a breeder in tauranga, posie was born on the 10 of august 2019. Posie is a curious, out going and very friendly fur baby, shes a sucker for pats and treats especially in the morning and the biggest people pleaser ! 

Posie loves to do a variety of activities, but i think if she had to pick one it would be tug a war with lilly the most and she also loves the water and playing fetch. she also loves soft toys but they dont last long with her and tennis balls, she loves to have a nice cuddle on the couch at night aswell. 


Meet Journey 

Journey is a full golden retriever and we brought her home at 8 weeks old, She is a half sister to Posie and Journey was in Tauranga from the same breeder as poise. Journey was born on the 17th of September 2020.
Journey is still a little puppy herself and she loves playing with poise, her big sister. 
I will have more updates on her when she grows up.