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Get To Know Us!

About Us

Hi there! We are based in Northland, New Zealand. Bree is the Breeder of purebred golden retrievers. My pups are home reared, well socialised little individuals who are grown with love and care. 

I take a lot of pride and joy in raising every single puppy that is born. We give them the best diet, socializing and products for them to have the best start in their life.

The fur babies we own are just like our family to us and we feed them the best high-quality food. They just love to socialize with other dogs and other families when we go on a trip to the beach or parks and they are obsessed with fetch but any game you can name really they will love to play all day. They love the water, we have some of our dogs that have taken great interest in duck season, they retrieve the ducks from the water and listen to the commands when they are in the duck shooting sense.



We offer beautiful healthy Golden Retriever puppy's to loving, caring and happy homes. 
​Once the Mumma dogs are in pup and preheat we give them everything that they need and require to have the best pregnancies, birth and puppies. Leading to the best start in life from the diet plan to the socializing and everything else that is included, we put 100% into every puppy. 

We start our waiting list from once the puppies are born and once the puppies are 4 - 5 weeks old we open up viewings, to then pick your puppy in the order from what place you are on the waiting list. We also post on our Facebook page, weekly updates and photos of the puppies to show the new owners how much they are growing and what they get up to while they are still with us.
At 8 weeks old they will be old enough to go to their new homes. We offer with the puppies a vet check-up, a Vet booklet on their health records, first vaccination, a blanket with their mother and sibling's scent on it, a mini food bag of what they have been fed on - (black hawk), toys, treats and a few other personalised surprises in the care pack.

When the puppies do leave us with their new forever home we do offer a lifetime of support and advice if any golden tails owners need it. Also, we just want to let you know if anyone is ever going on holiday and needs somewhere for their dog to go, your golden tails puppy is more than welcome to come back and stay here we are happy to look after them. Also if for any reason you decide you no longer want your dog or are unable to have your dog anymore and want to rehome it at any age please let me know.  This is for any dog who comes from the golden tail gang. 

Meet The Crew

Meet Henry.png

Meet Henry

Henry is a full golden retriever and we got Henry at 7 weeks old from a really good friend of ours in rural areas of Ruawai. He was born on 10 June 2018, he was from a litter of 8 boys (no girls) and when me and my partner went to pick him up to bring him home we were shown in his vet booklet that he was 1kg more than the rest of his brothers so you can say he is a real lover for any food and still is!


Henry loves to play fetch, he could easily play fetch all day and he also loves a tug a war game too with his parents. Henry and Lilly (see below) basically grew up together and they love to go hunting and swimming in the pond together, they have a very strong bond together I have watched grow since they have been together. Henry is also a soft and gentle guy when he wants to be, he loves a good cuddle before bed.  

Meet Posie

Posie is a full golden retriever and we got Posie at 8 weeks old off a breeder in Tauranga and was born on the 10 of August 2019. Posie is a curious, outgoing and very friendly fur baby. She's a sucker for pats and treats especially in the morning and the biggest people pleaser! 


Posie loves to do a variety of activities, but I think if she had to pick one it would be a tug of war with Lilly the most, and she also loves the water and playing fetch. She also loves soft toys but they don't last long with her and tennis balls. She loves to have a nice cuddle on the couch at night as well. 

Meet Posie.png
Meet Journey.png

Meet Journey

Journey is a full golden retriever and we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She is a half-sister to Posie and Journey was in Tauranga from the same breeder as poise. Journey was born on the 17th of September 2020. 


Journey is still a little puppy herself and she loves playing with poise, her big sister. I will have more updates on her when she grows up.

Get in touch

Shine lines.png
Shine lines.png

We have multiple resources with how you can get in touch with us.    


Check us out on Facebook ' The Golden Tails Nz ' this is our main platform where we do the all updates and announcements so i do recommend if you can, Get in touch with us through our facebook page.  


We also do offer that you can send us a message below about you and how we can help, And we will get in touch as soon as possible.  

Thanks for submitting!

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